Create a joyful verve with the unique look that reflective glasses can bring with it adding brightness and a sense of openness to the space an in this case the mirror forms the backdrop to a beach themed pattern that gladdens the heart with the suggested happiness. Made to delight and add that spark of light - this beach themed mirror is a lovely accent to help lighten the mood of any space.


If your love for the things beach themed makes its way into your interiors here is a surfboard shaped mirror uniquely designed, showcasing tilted palms along its face that makes for a stunning relief on the wall. The mirror is encased in a white frame made of metal and painted white that defies its shape all the more. The palms hanging across the face of the mirror add more charm. The surfboard design being the clincher sure will fit your sea or marine themed décor idea to quite another high. Made from high grade mirror and the metal smithy evident in the neat cutwork of palms and the superbly hued shape of the surfboard this is one stunner of a modern look accent for your wall. It's about 75 cm tall with a pointed top and a wide middle section which at its widest is 20 cm. Can be the talking pi t in your décor and could be placed vertically across any w small niche that could do with a touch of excitement.

Palm Mirror Surfboard

SKU: U2068-2